Welcome To Linkage To Health

Linkage to Health, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to ensuring that individuals infected & affected by viral hepatitis, HIV, and other chronic diseases have access to the limited resources available in order to be treated and cured of this disease.


Linkage to Health, Inc. mission is to screen, diagnose, educate, and link people diagnosed with chronic diseases such as Hep C, HIV, and other chronic diseases, especially the disenfranchised, uninsured, underinsured, and indigent, through health systems that will treat, cure, diminish or alleviate disease progression, assist with case management, referrals, educational forums (including pharmaceutical companies) and advocacy.


Linkage to Health, Inc vision is to have compassion for the individual that seeks assistance for their disease and to offer, with passion, all the resources, education, support available, and link into care all that are infected and affected by these diseases and help them to have access to support, care, and the medical resources they need to achieve long-term or complete recovery for those with chronic diseases.